Battle of Consuegra

Coordinates: 39°27′N 3°36′W / 39.450°N 3.600°W / 39.450; -3.600
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Battle of Consuegra

Castle of La Muela in Consuegra.
Date15 August 1097
Result Almoravid victory
Almoravid dynasty Kingdom of Castile
Kingdom of León
Commanders and leaders
Muhammad ibn al-Hajj Alfonso VI of León and Castile
Álvar Fáñez
Pedro Ansúrez
García Ordóñez
10,000–20,000 30,000–35,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Consuegra was a battle of the Spanish Reconquista fought on 15 August 1097 near the village of Consuegra in the province of Castile-La Mancha between the Castilian and Leonese army of Alfonso VI and the Almoravids under Yusuf ibn Tashfin.[1] The battle soon turned into Almoravid victory, with the Leónese dead including the son of El Cid, Diego Rodríguez. Alfonso, with some Leónese, retreated into the castle of Consuegra, which was besieged for eight days until the Almoravids withdrew to the south.


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39°27′N 3°36′W / 39.450°N 3.600°W / 39.450; -3.600